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Columbus: Thursday, July 12, 2018




Notice of Sale



Pursuant to Ohio Code Section 5322.03 CAR-GO Self Storage, 3935 Westerville Rd. Col. OH, 43224, will hold a public sale of delinquent units in order to satisfy an Owner’s lien. Sale will be conducted by open bid on, Thursday, July 12th 2018 10:30 a.m. at 3935 Westerville Rd. Col. OH, 43224 then to 490 N. Hamilton Rd., Col. OH, 43219 then to 14653 E. Broad Street, then to 3613 Refugee Rd., Col. OH, 43232 and then to 1421 Harrisburg Pike, Col. OH, 43223. Contents of the unit will be sold to the highest bidder for CASH.


Units to be sold at 3935 Westerville Rd. are: A22 Momodou Cole 4352 Malin DR W Columbus OH 43224. Boxes, audio equipment.  G20 Alllison J Hudson- Watters 1820 Woodland Ave. Columbus OH 43219. Totes, furniture, household items. C17 Capri R Simpkins 2452 Bancroft ST Columbus OH 43211. Furniture, boxes, window AC. O13 Robert Rodriguez 5636 Gardenhill LN Dublin OH 43017. Tires, power wheel, power tools, tools, speakers, mini fridge, furniture, motorcycle, totes. P18 Patricia A Ray 1420 Bloomington Blvd. Columbus OH 43228. Totes, boxes, stroller. J11 Warren H Strong 2705 Kantian DR Columbus OH 43219. Boxes, bags. I13 Darshawn J Eiland 5690 Beechcroft Rd Apt F, Columbus OH 43229. Boxes, furniture, bags, household items, power snake. T10 Terrone’ S Woods 344 S Ashburton Rd Apt A, Columbus OH 43213

. Furniture, bags, sneakers, household items, boxes, totes. G15 Bonna B Thomas 4135 Manor RD Columbus OH 43224. Luggage, totes, boxes.  A21. El Hassane Amantakh 3665 Elmore RD Columbus OH 43224. Totes, household items. D8 Wayne A Radford 2998 Sandridge Ave. Columbus OH 43224. Totes, boxes, household items, wheelchair.


Units to be sold at Hamilton. Are: T11 Latisha Jones 1240 Brook way RD Apt B Columbus OH 43227. Deep freezer, refrigerator, 2 window AC. B3/C4 Kathy Parish 29 Winner Ave Apt. B Columbus OH 43203. Totes, furniture, household items, boxes, chairs, furniture.  R8/U11 Adonna Newbern 5453 Lonsdale Pl N Apt C Columbus OH 43232. Furniture, bags, totes, boxes.


Units to be sold at E. Broad St. are:  A8 John J Kirkman 294 Cheyenne RD Lafayette NJ 07848. Washer, dryer, totes, household items, furniture, bags, fishing poles. B65 Michael A. Russell 115 C South Township RD Pataskala OH 43062. Furniture, totes, boxes, household items. B39 Tami M Suchon 815 Millstream DR Reynoldsburg OH 43068. Compressor, chainsaw, totes, boxes, tools, household items. C20 Daniel S Bowener-Millhouse 6342 Century City S Reynoldsburg OH 43068. Dryer, window AC, totes, furniture, boxes. B38 Jeffry M Howard 7344Lebanon Ave. Reynoldsburg OH 43065. Boxes, bags, totes. E7 Ronda L Jones, 717 Loretto DR Blacklick OH 43068. Furniture, boxes, household items.


Units to be sold at 3613 Refugee Rd. are. A24 Chantel Townes 1728 Lauren LN Reynoldsburg OH 43068. Furniture, boxes. I8 Robert Williams 693 Bedford Ave. Columbus OH 43205. Boxes, household items. J5 Delaneigh Montgomery 3464 Courtright LN Columbus OH 43232. Furniture, boxes, bags. N19 Geofry Voyer 539 N Burgerss Ave Columbus OH 43213. Furniture, boxes, totes, household items. N12 Janet Parker-Sparrow 1486 Venice DR. Columbus OH 43207. Boxes, bags, household items. O21 Damon Caliver 1447 Villa DR Columbus OH 43207. Furniture, household items. P17 Amanda Foster 4943 Wymore DR Columbus OH 43232. Boxes, furniture, household items, chainsaw. P9 James Ramsey 1416 Striebel RD Apt. 106 Columbus OH 43227. Boxes, bags.  R9 Sofia Monique Lindsay 460 S Ohio Ave. Columbus OH 43215. Bags, household items, totes. R17 Rahshan Hodge 244 Barkley PL West Whitehall OH 43213. Totes, bags, boxes, household items, printer. T10 Keith White 2102 Avalon PK Columbus OH 43219. Boxes, totes, household items.


Units to be sold at 1421 Harrisburg Pike are:  J12 Marquita Barnhouse 297 Avondale Ave Columbus OH 43223. Furniture, household items.  J13 Robynne Watson 122 ½ E Rich St. Columbus OH 43205. Cloths, household items, furniture, boxes, bags, totes. E21 Brenda Winters 1707 Marsdale Ave Columbus OH 43223. Boxes, totes, furniture, household items. E7 Vanessa Stafford 1270 Brown RD Apt. 1A Columbus OH 43223. Mattress, boxes, bags, household items, bikes. D16 Becky Dobosu 790 Canonby PL Apt. 3a Columbus OH 43223. Furniture, totes, household items. D3 Carlyne Campbell 2958 Falcon Bridge RD Ave Columbus OH 43232. Refrigerator, appliances, furniture, household items, totes, bags, boxes. J16 Clinton Carvell INC 1131 Harrisburg Pike Columbus OH 43223. Refrigerator, furniture, commercial cleaning equipment, bikes, vacuums, steam cleaners. H13 Angela Walker 1788 Belmead Ave. Columbus OH 43223. Bags, furniture, boxes, household items. U5 Albert Runyon 60 Hawkes Ave. Columbus OH 43222 Furniture, household items. S1 Kendre’Auna Martin-Tisby 2087 Golden Leaf LN Columbus OH 43223. Mattress, totes, cloths, bags, household items. S10 Alphonso Seward 623 S Harris Ave. Columbus OH 43204. Bike, AC, mini-fridge, TV, piping, TV. A1 Justin Bailey 749 Stewart Ave, Columbus OH 43206. Bikes, household items, furniture, boxes. D17 Mike Boehm 1733 Cedar Creek Court Grove City, OH 43123 Motorcycle, engine lift, engine block, ladder, motor, shelving, tools.   .  I1 Jaysie Johnson 1463 Stonewell CT Galloway, OH 43119 Totes, Boxes, Baby Furniture.