Notice of Sale
Pursuant to Ohio Code Section 5322.03 CAR-GO Self Storage will hold a public sale of delinquent units in order to satisfy an Owner’s lien. Sale will be conducted by open bid through and will begin after March 17th, 2023.

Units to be sold at 3935 Westerville Rd: B13 Kianna Jackson 1795 Parkford Ln Columbus OH 43229 furniture boxes bags totes. B17 John Patton 1345 Molly Ln Columbus OH 43207 boxes crates tables chairs. E2 & E3 Willie H Gee 3265 Chelford Dr Columbus Oh 43219 2 cars boxes tools bags. D2 La’Saunda Johnson 499 Myers Rd Columbus OH 43232 Lg appliances furniture boxes toys. I13 Joetta Wallace 4240 Arbury Ln Columbus OH 43224 Range Rover boxes totes file cabinet. M18 Brian A Ford 4726 Lodgelane Dr Columbus OH 43219 furniture bags boxes.

Units to be sold at 490 N Hamilton Rd: B3 Robert J Dyer 7298 Kirkdale Dr Blacklick OH 43004 tools furniture boxes bags. I13 & Q1 Jennifer L Sanders 3109 Thorndyke St Columbus OH 43232 boxes bags furniture. L8 Whisper A Wyatt 6956 East Broad St #136 Columbus OH 43213 boxes bags books. M21 Jaclyn M Phillips 3493 Chantilly St Columbus OH 43207 boxes totes bags furniture. P22 Monica Y Johnson 2480 Courtright Columbus OH 43232 furniture boxes. Q3, S20, T18 Judith Smith 2959 E 13th Ave Columbus OH 43217 boxes. T8 Dwanda Reese 101 North Park Lane Whitehall OH 43213 bags boxes. T19 Romona Mutai 4667 E Main St Apt 18 Whitehall OH 43213 furniture totes bags.

Units to be sold at 14563 E Broad St are: B40 Patrick Riley 40 Preswicke Mill Blacklick OH 43004 bags totes household items. D16 Joseph E Allen 7190 Argento Ave Unit 108 Columbus OH 43213 bike car items hoses boxes. D49 Octavia J Evans 140 Village Gate BLVD Apt 104 Reynoldsburg OH 43068 kids bed dresser. H5 Renor J Jones 2688 Lillypark Dr Columbus OH 43219 Lawn mowers tools yard equipment.

Units to be sold at 3613 Refugee Rd are: B9 Joe Marrison 1665 Burley Dr Columbus OH 43207 totes furniture electronics boxes. D2 Ciara Ortiz 416 Waters Way Lane Columbus OH 43213 furniture boxes bikes. D3 Erica K Knight 587 Carpenter St Columbus OH 43205 furniture bags boxes totes. M17 Linda R Griffin 1290 Roberts Place Columbus OH 43207 totes boxes furniture. N18 Melvin D Smith 3398 E Broad St Apt C Columbus OH 43213 furniture totes. U13 Sidney A Likely P. O. Box 6117 Columbus OH 43206 furniture boxes bags.

Units to be sold at 1421 Harrisburg Pike: E13 Tonya Atkinson 539 E Eureka Ave Columbus OH 43204 boxes bags totes clothing. F16 Charles Shoemaker 4284 Charlotte Rd Obetz OH 43207 tools tool cabinets boxes totes. G9 Jeffery A Hawkins 1660 Brown Rd Apt B Columbus OH 43223 furniture boxes bags crates. H19 Jamie Lavigne 5723 Judith PL Galloway OH 43119 Clothing totes crates chairs. I20 Makeba Elliot 1641 Rainbow Park Columbus OH 43206 Hobby supplies. J13 Robynne Watson 745 Mount Vernon Ave Columbus OH 43203 boxes totes. K16 Angel May Foster-Burks 389 S Glenwood Ave Columbus OH 43223 washer dryer tools. M5 Jana Montgomery 176 S Highland Ave
Columbus OH 43223 furniture boxes. R16 Laura Wright 5225 Cherry Creek PRKWY N Apt 310 Columbus OH 43228 furniture boxes crates.