Notice of Sale 

 Pursuant to Ohio Code Section 5322.03 CAR-GO Self Storage will hold a public sale of delinquent units in order to satisfy an Owner’s lien sale will be conducted by open bid through and will begin after November 17, 2023. 

 Units to be sold at 3935 Westerville Rd: A5, H12, M15 and F12 Martha Keller 6914 Laren Place Columbus OH 43235 totes boxes bags. E13, D16, O7 Mathew Lynch 4152 Summit Dr Columbus OH 43224 furniture boxes. I2 Leon Love 604 Dlyn St Columbus OH 43228 Car boxes totes. M16, Q6 Vondell Dorsey 4361 Luxury Lane apt A7 totes boxes tools furniture. K13 Terrell Hood 2502 Joi Ave Columbus OH 43209 Car. H17 Janet Rukis Sowell 5799 Arborwood Dr Columbus OH 43229 fish tanks tools toys bags boxes. 

 Units to be sold at 490 N Hamilton Rd: J13 Hughetta Hohnson P. O. Box 832205 Columbus OH 43232 furniture totes. J9 Tanya Smith 879 E Heritage Dr Columbus OH 43213 boxes bags totes. P7, L1 Kevin M Bowers 4690 Red Flower Lane Columbus OH 43230 boxes totes bags car seat tools. N8 Anthony Brown 1181 Gertrude Dr 1181 Columbus OH 43227 bags.  

 Units to be sold at 3613 Refugee Rd are: A7 Gloriann M Kimey 2247 Woolsworth Dr Columbus Oh 43232 bags boxes toys. E6, Q12 Norma Patino 5744 Morningstar Dr Galloway OH 43119 Car parts. E16 Phillip Taylor 3593 Refugee Rd Columbus OH 43232 bar furniture dolly glass blocks. J19 Izetta Whitfield 4603 Refugee Rd Apt 1F Columbus OH 43232 totes bags boxes toys furniture. S13 Djiby Ndiaye 3527 Seabrook Ave Columbus OH 43227 boxes car parts.  

 Units to be sold at 1421 Harrisburg Pike: V2 Ronnie Arnold P. O. Box 274 Grove City OH 43123 bags boxes tools electronics. M5 Jama N Montgomery 176 Shighland Ave Columbus OH 43232 boxes totes bags furniture appliances. M12 Pierre Harris 479 Nashoba Ave Columbus OH 43223 Nike shoes shelving bags totes tires. G17 Sharon Adams 734 Bartfield Dr Columbus OH 43207 furniture paints wood appliances. F13 Herbert W Miller Jr. P. O. Box 44244 Columbus OH 43204 bags tools guitar boxes. B20, B18 Alexis Pickens 1327 Briggs Center Drive Columbus OH 43223 furniture boxes totes.