Notice of Sale



Pursuant to Ohio Code Section 5322.03 CAR-GO Self Storage will hold a public sale of delinquent units in order to satisfy an Owner’s lien. Sale will be conducted by open bid through and will begin after November 18th 2022.

Units to be sold at 3935 Westerville Rd: B6 John Battle 4758 Beaucoft Ct. Columbus, OH 43231 boxes totes crates. D2 La’Saunda Johnson 499 Myers Rd. Columbus, OH 43232 Large appliances boxes. K13 Terrell Hood 2505 Jai Ave. Columbus, OH 43219 Car. N10 Anthony Holmes 196 Georgetown Dr. Apt. 9 Delaware, OH 43105 boxes tools.

Units to be sold at 490 N Hamilton Rd: H17 Janeese L Saunders 291 N Roosevelt Ave Apt 5 Columbus OH 43209 & 619 Enfield Rd Columbus OH 43209 boxes Hobby supplies furniture. J9 Tonya Smith 897 E Heritage Dr. Columbus, OH 43213 Boxes totes. R1 Christian D. Ruck 865 Colgate Rd. Whitehall, OH 43213 boxes furniture.

Units to be sold at 14653 E Broad St:  None.

Units to be sold at 3613 Refugee Rd are: E4 Candace Featherstone 1850 Basil Dr. Columbus, OH 43227 totes bags furniture. E16 Phillip B. Taylor 3593 Refugee Rd. Columbus OH 43232 Bar tables and chairs glass block. L16 The Loft Ministry of Ohio 703 Frebis Ave. Columbus OH 43206 Bags boxes totes. R10 J+Z Lawncare Ser. Juqualia Hayes 4863 Downing Dr. Columbus OH 43232 Pallets.

Units to be sold at 1421 Harrisburg Pike: B7 Betty Layne 595 Van Buren Dr. Columbus, OH 43223 Bed oxygen machine. E13 Tonya Atkinson 539 S. Eureka Ave. Columbus, OH 43204 boxes totes bags. G9 Jeffery A Hawkins 1660 Brown Rd. Apt. B Columbus, OH 43223 tools bike heaters. J8 & K8 Sabrina Lopez 1701 E. Livingston Ave. Apt. 1F Columbus, OH 43205 totes boxes house goods. J13 Robynne Watson 745 Mount Vernon Ave. Columbus, OH 43204 Boxes bags Furniture totes. V03 Chris L. Young 1309 Little Ave. Columbus, OH 43223 Furniture Clothing. X03 Evelyne Sheperd 2120 Eakin Rd. Columbus, OH 43223 2 boxes curio cabinet.