Pursuant to Ohio Code Section 5322.03 CAR-GO Self Storage

will hold a public sale of delinquent units in order to satisfy an

Owner’s lien. Sale will be conducted by open bid through

www.storagetreasures.com and will begin after January 16th


Units to be sold at 3935 Westerville Rd: A16 William R

Stewart 3760 Montclair Dr Columbus OH 43219 furniture. B4

Judy L McFadden 433 Dovewood Dr Columbus OH 43230

tools tool cabinets. H03 Godfrey G M McFadden 433

Dovewood Dr Columbus OH 43230 tools boxes. I02 Leon

Love 604 Dlyn St Columbus OH 43228 car boxes tote. R05

Leah Wilson 2095 Hampstead Dr South Columbus OH 43229

bags boxes.

Units to be sold at 14563 E Broad St: C62 Cecily Johnson

1420 Chevington Circle Zanesville Oh 43701 totes coolers

furniture boxes bags tools.

Units to be sold at 3613 Refugee Rd: T14 Nicholas Nelson

1024 Hemphill Ave NW Atlanta GA 30318 Household items.

P6 Shawn Jones 3561Rand SQW Apt A Columbus OH 43227

Ps4 games leaf blower 2 cars car jacks boxes safe. N11 Cheikh

Kane 2209 Wabash Ct W Apt 114 Columbus OH 43232 Bikes.

F20 Shawn Newsam 3087 Stonebluff Dr Columbus OH 43232

bags furniture boxes.

Units to be sold at 1421 Harrisburg Pike: N8 Shaniece R

Collins 5416 New Dawn Ct Columbus OH 43228 boxes bike

kiddie car. H12 Vikki Fallon 2402 Apple Ridge Dr Columbus

OH 43223 boxes bags totes. K17 Tanya V Erbe 991 Harrisburg

Pike Columbus OH 43223 crates furniture boxes bags. N9

Jennifer I Michael 1463 Stimmel Rd Apt 2D Columbus OH

43223 boxes crates totes. R19 Helen Thacker 1463 Stimmerd

Rd Apt 2B Columbus OH 43228 Lg appliances bags totes

bikes boxes bags. V7 Daniel Kenney 1111 Geneva Ave Lot 16

Columbus Oh 43223 totes boxes bags. W17 Donald Post 517

South Eurika Ave Columbus OH 43204 furniture bags totes

small appliances. R10 Shawn Powers 1049 Harmon Ave Lot

F45 Columbus OH 43223 Household Items.