Sale will be conducted by open bid through and will close after Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

Units to be sold at U-Stor Coliseum, 1033 N Coliseum Blvd: : J01 Stephanie Foilwell, K18 Donald Logan, K19 Vanessa Aden, L09 Jermaine Loyall, M09 Travis White, N09 Alise Simmons, N12 Terry Patterson, N16 Vince Black, R20 Robert Higginbotham, S08 Julie Andrews, S20 Anne Goddard.

U-Stor Tillman, 826 E Tillman, Ft Wayne, IN  46816: A06 Mary Wallace-Litzlbauer, B15 Joyce Fikes, F09 Kordel Greene, Q18 Lamarr Talbert.