Sale will be conducted by open bid through and will close after Wednesday, March 13, 2024.

 U-Stor Coliseum, 1033 N Coliseum Blvd: G05 Dana K Atkins, H22 Luther Moore, L12 Ben Rouyes, J15 Sharon Shepherd, N09 Alise Simmons-Easley.

U-Stor Tillman, 826 E Tillman, Ft Wayne, IN  46816: E05 Ronald L Spina, F14 Charlesetta McNair, Q07 Jimmie G Fincher, B04, J14 & J15 Cassandra F Hill, R12 Derrick L Hood, Q11 Ian R Mace, G06 & I03 Jane M Meriweather, O06 Kathleen M Moellering, P20 Crystal Norman, F09 Vernon L Sheperd.