Sale will be conducted by open bid through and will close after Wednesday, September 14, 2022.

 U-Stor Coliseum, 1033 N Coliseum Blvd: B07 Robert W Barnefske, C11 Aye A Aung, D11 Ronesha Smith, F21 Daryin D Jackson, H01 Sammuel Fisher, I15 Carla Wilder, K21 Robert G Aikins, L05 Larry Anderson, L09 Sue Dubois, L19 Dontae (Freedom) Ball (Deon), N09 Alise Easley-Simmons, O14 Gloria Berger, P16 Linda Phillips.

U-Stor Tillman, 826 E Tillman, Ft Wayne, IN  46816: N07 Unique A Fields, A15 Sajatta M Wright, E13 Joshua Gambrel, F22 Stephanie F Williams, G09 Melissa A Nelson, H21, O01 & P05 Donald L Trout, I14 Carlton C Mayne, R12 Alexis N Lewis.